Why You Need To Get The Best EMBA Program To Succeed

If you are looking to expand your corporate connections and jump up the corporate ladder quicker, you certainly need either networking sessions or accreditation lessons. And getting the best EMBA a city like Singapore has to  provide is one of the best ways to do so.

By going for an executive MBA program, you get to network with people of high calibre as well as get publicly and independently accredited.

This is why you need to go for the best of the best courses – each of these courses may have different requirements to enter –> and this in turn affects the quality of the students you mix around with –> and also their alumni group, naturally.

Sometimes, an EMBA program can have fantastic alumni, but not in any of the industries you are in or are interested to penetrate in future. That is why you need to check out both the requirements to enter as well as past students to make the best informed choice.

Getting Rich For A Greater Future

Who else is as famous as Robert Kiyosaki in terms of being a ‘financial freedom’ coach?

No one but him. The famous author of Rich Dad Poor Dad teaches you the mindset needed to become financially free so that you can have a better future. Money is power and gives you and your family a better life in future.

Education is the most important thing to help you secure financial success, and financial education and understanding how to truly manage your money (that is why rich get richer and poor gets poorer) and here Robert teaches you how to do it.

Education For Singapore Executives?

Most people think that education and learning stops at college at most and once you get into the workforce, there is no more learning.

That is the most incorrect way of thinking. Even if you do not go to a formal business school or graduate program, learning never stops and it should not. Formal education may be stopped, but one never stops learning.

To improve in all aspects of life, one has to keep himself or herself updated and learn as much as they can to improve their financial success – so that they have a larger nest egg to provide for their family.

Money may not be happiness but it certainly can buy you things or experiences which make you happy – and that means it’s about the same.

Make sure to invest in a Singapore executive MBA, further your career, do your family a favor, earn more and save up more money so that you can give the future generations a better life than you had when you were a kid.

Also do check out Robert Kiyosaki‘s coaching system on financial education.

Continuous learning in Singapore – overcoming obstacles

Education is a life-long process. We should learn from everything and anything everywhere. We should adopt a continuous learning process – never stop learning. Some people feedback to me that one of their biggest constraints to pursuing education is financials. They come from low-income families and do not have adequate finance to last them through colleges and universities. I believe that finance should not be a reason to make us stop learning in school. That’s why there are scholarships and bursaries to help those financial needy ones. If your results are not fantastic, you will have to work part time to support your education fees and your daily expenses. People usually have no problem working part time and studying full time in colleges as the college tuition fees are in the low thousands – manageable. However, when it gets to university level when the tuition fees suddenly jumps many times to ranging in the high thousands or tens of thousands a year, these people may have trouble working part time to support that full time education.

Many people give up at this point. I would advise that if you cannot support a full-time education with a part time job, why not work full-time and enroll in part time educational programs? The income received on your full time job will definitely be enough to support that part time education. There are part time degree programs and even part time executive MBA Singapore programs. When there are demand, there will always be supply in the market.

Singapore Learning Environments – Schools and Work Place

As mentioned in my previous post here, everyone should make long term plans for seeking out quality education in schools, right from a young age till getting a Degree’s certificate. Some even go further to get that Masters’ certification. In competitive working landscapes such as that of Singapore’s, executive MBA in Singapore are well-sought after by working professionals. As a result, more and more educational providers are offering Executive MBA programs in Singapore. Many often wonder whether it is worth it to put your career on hold to pursue that EMBA certification. These are the top 2 questions:

1. Will you gain much more knowledge and skills from that EMBA program as compared to staying on your job?
2. Will you stand to benefit more financially in the long run?

I would say the answers for both questions are yes-es. While many would say that schools teaches you theories that may not be applicable in the real world, schools offer a rigorous curriculum and equips you with more knowledge and skills and set you thinking in more perspectives. Knowledge and skills learnt in the work place may be more applicable to real world but they are subject to the colleagues’ and mentors’ willingness to teach. Many people just continue to stay in their comfort zone at work and the learning curve at work is just gentle…

With increased knowledge and skills, and perhaps out-of-the-box thinking acquired from EMBA programs, when you return to the work place, you may contribute significantly higher than what you used to, and what your peers contribute. That may earn you recognition in the office and faster promotions – benefiting more financially in the long run.

Long-term Investment in Education especially in Singapore

As mentioned in my first post, education is the one most crucial factor to succeeding in life.

Thus, i advocate everyone to invest into their and their children’s education for the long-term.

Education is a life-long process. Everyone starts to learn from the moment they are born to the moment when they pass away. During this period, the slope of learning/ learning curve for everyone is vastly different as everyone chooses a different route in their life. The learning environment is critical – it can dictate the maximum amount and speed of knowledge and skills that you will acquire. For instance, if you put yourself into an unfamiliar and competitive environment, you will tend to absorb more knowledge as compared to someone who stays in a comfortable, slow-paced learning environment.

Education starts from young. As parents, it is their responsibilities to make sure that their children are educated adequately to thrive well in the society when they turn of age. This means parents should plan and put aside money for the long-term education starting from kindergarden / child care centre, to primary school, to secondary school, to college, and finally to universities in order to obtain a degree certification as a proof as their educational attainment. Some people go a step further to obtain Master’s Degree certification and Doctorates certification right after getting their degree certificates. There have even been cases where working professionals, after working for several years, go back to studies via the Executive Masters in Business Administration (EMBA Education).

To Singapore Readers – Education as the top priority in life

Everyone wants to be successful in life. Most people asks if there are any formula to achieving success and what are the most important factors for achieving success. I would say one of the most indispensable , crucial factor to achieving success is:


If a person is educated, he will have more knowledge of the things happening around him. He will be equipped with more skills. With more knowledge and skills, he is able to capitalize on opportunities when they come by. If a person is ignorant, even if opportunities come by and knock on his doors, he will not be able to spot them, or even if he is able to spot those opportunities, he does not know what to do to capture these opportunities.

Benjamin Franklin once said this: “an investment in knowledge pays the best interest”.

This thinking perfectly coincides with mine. In a way, we are saying that human capital is the rarest form of ingredient towards success. Without a capable person/mastermind, ideas could not be brought forward and success wouldn’t follow.

One of the greatest education you can invest in while getting a great return on investment is actually by taking a EMBA part time Singapore course. It allows you to network and learn at the same time and apply it when you are back at work!

Harnessing the Power of Education & Investing for the Future in Singapore